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Technical Study& Design

Thanks to many years of experience in technical study and design, CPG Solutions is able to suggest substantiated proposals and provide effective solutions that respond perfectly to the complex requirements of both domesticand European markets.

Thorough technical studyand methodical analysis of customer needs, the detailed planning of each line which should be created,ensure the effectiveness of the  investment and the best balance between investment and effect.

Installation & Maintenance
Allocating a fully equipped technical group composed of experienced technicians and designing department, CPG Solutions in close communication and  cooperation with the relevant departments of each company undertakes with responsibility:

  • installation and commissioning (start up) of new production lines in bottling and packaging industries.
  • complete mechanical and electrical transfer of production lines from one plant to another.

In additionin response to quality customer service, CPG Solutions undertakes:

  • emergency repairs in case of damage. Our technicians have the ability to repair other manufacturer’s machineries damages.
  • mechanical and electrical modifications to bottling and packaging machines(fillers, Shrinking, palletizers, etc.)
  • prior vetting and maintenance of bottling and packaging machines in annual / frequent base.
  • prior vetting and maintenance of conveyors and production lines in annual / frequent base.

CPG Solutions

CPG Solutions is a company that produces custom made & turnkey-solution conveyer belts in the bottling and packaging industry. Our 25 years of field experience allow us to suggest ideal solutions for bottling and packing industries.



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